How To Get Our Groove Back

Guest Blogger: Mary Kurek, Visibility Consultant

We’ve all heard enough sad stories related to this recession to fill a rain bucket, and even if we aren’t as impacted as others, the news can’t help but dampen spirits.

The tendency can be to react by retreating. When you retreat, you pull away from possibilities and opportunities. You withdraw yourself from delivering those same things to others. Your talent, your wisdom, energy, and intelligence are all needed – now more than ever.

But, from what well do you draw this magic “happy juice” to get into a mingling mood? How do you adopt a fresh outlook and new perspective on business, life, and community? Here are some ideas:

1) Get thee to a beach…or a mountain. Nature’s simplicity invigorates and relaxes. You don’t need a 2-week vacation, either – just find the environment that works for you for a few hours. Walk it, bike it, climb it, dig in it, swim in it, or just observe it. Getting your head out of the usual atmosphere invites different thoughts. Some of my most creative ideas have come from beach walks (ie: Taking shrimp to the  Buffalo Bills during their spring training camp. Sons got to meet players up close.)

2) Engage in extraordinary networking. I have clients that have told me that they’d never blog or never post on  Twitter. Here’s what I say: I just got off of the phone with the  Deputy Lt. Governor of the State of MO (to interview him for this newsletter). I found him on Twitter.

The inspiration for my web site reconstruction came from an  executive recruiter in Texas (met him on Twitter).

I just did 3-days of work for a client across town that I met through a Twitter contact.

A couple of weeks ago, I helped a woman connect with two Marines who saved her husband from drowning at a local beach over 4th of July. She contacted me through Twitter.
Need I say more?

3) Take a Mini  Fam Tour – This is tourism lingo. “Fam” (short for familiarization) is an organized tour of travel writers and travel agents and meeting planners who are invited to a town to get familiar with the offerings.

You may have lived in your town all of your life, but I’m betting there is some park, library, community center, or historical residence you’ve not experienced. Go alone or with a group, but, like heading to the beach, this is an act designed to open your head to new ideas.

4) This is a “tuffy,” but the best way to dig yourself out of self-consuming thought is to put your thoughts elsewhere. It’s very easy during these times to feel overly conscious about our own situations, which can be a reason for reclusive behavior. The answer to that is to volunteer to help others. This one action uplifts two-fold and serves in so many ways, you are bound to reap reward as long as you go at it with an open spirit. Talk to your Chamber Membership Director for more suggestions.

Just a few ideas, but ones with significant and proven impact. Stay connected to your community and your Chamber. You business and your (self) will appreciate.

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