State Government: Get Government Back on Track

Rep. Tom Demmer files government reform package. House Republican Conference Chairman Tom Demmer has filed a package of bills and constitutional amendments designed to fix a broken state government system. The Dixon Republican collectively calls the proposed reforms the Get Government Back on Track package.

“It’s time for us to modernize the House and Senate. The current system is a relic of the backroom deals and power grabs of years gone by. If we want a different result, we have to build a different system,” said Rep. Demmer.

Demmer’s government reform package would do six things:

  • Make Illinois more relevant and more accurately represented in the Electoral College by awarding Presidential Electoral Votes by Congressional district instead of the current winner-take-all formula (HB 495);
  • Create the Joint Committee of the General Assembly on Rules and Operations, a bipartisan panel of legislators who would review and make recommendations on House and Senate rules, committees, procedures, and structure of the General Assembly (HB 787);
  • Create a Board of Repealers to review and make recommendations on how to eliminate outdated, irrelevant, or conflicting laws, instead of just adding more to the books every year (HB 789);
  • Give the Governor the ability to call for a vote on a specific bill through a new “fast-track” authority (HB 3119);
  • Make the current Illinois constitutional requirement that the State enact an annual balanced budget enforceable by requiring the budget to be certified by the Illinois State Comptroller (HJRCA 19); and

Combine the office of Illinois State Comptroller and Illinois State Treasurer into one office with consolidated responsibilities (HJRCA 25).

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