CMT Elects Board of Directors and Officers for 2017

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. (CMT) elected its corporate officers and board of directors at its annual meeting on Feb. 25. Elected as corporate officers were Daniel R. Meckes, chairman, president and CEO; William L. Bailey, executive vice president and secretary; Michael J. Doerfler, senior vice president and chief operating officer; Louis H. Dixon, senior vice president and treasurer; Thomas W. Roy, senior vice president and chief financial officer; senior vice presidents Bernard D. Held and Bruce L. Jacobson; vice presidents Steven K. Schroll, Brian R. Welker, Roger A. Austin, Charles E. Taylor, Kevin D. Nelson, Stanley P. Hansen, Gregory E. Heaton, Eric J. Hansen, Raed A. Armouti, and Bradley M. Hamilton; and Christy L. Crites, director.

Elected as corporate officers for the first time are Christy Crites, Brad Hamilton, and Raed Armouti.

Christy Crites is also a first-time member of the CMT Board of Directors which also includes

Daniel R. Meckes, William L. Bailey, Jr., Michael J. Doerfler, Bernard D. Held, Louis H. Dixon, Thomas W. Roy, Roger A. Austin, Brian R. Welker, and Stanley P. Hansen.

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. provides engineering and consulting services focused in Aviation, Surface Transportation, Water Resources, and Civil Site Design. The firm has 14 offices throughout the country. In 2014, CMT was named Midwest Design Firm of the Year by Engineering News-Record magazine.

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