Ill. GA: Veto Session Concludes

Last week in Springfield, lawmakers returned for the final scheduled week of the 2017 Veto Session. Lawmakers returned amongst a maelstrom over allegations of sexual harassment.

In between House and Senate sexual harassment training seminars, lawmakers continued to override some of Governor Bruce Rauner’s total vetoes and amendatory vetoes. Of the 39 total vetoes issued by the Governor, 15 were overridden while 22 were sustained. The rest were not called for an override so the veto stands. Of the 10 amendatory vetoes issued by the Governor, three were overridden, three were sustained, and four were not called for an override or acceptance of the amendatory veto.

Although a surprising number of the Governor’s vetoes were rejected by lawmakers, they were unable to override the Right-to-Work veto that provides the foundation for his Turnaround Agenda.

A few vetoes that were not called for an override as sponsors did not have the requisite votes for an override. These included Geo-location (HB 3449), Workers Compensation ‘Reform’ (HB 2525), and $15 Minimum Wage (SB 81). The sponsor of the minimum wage bill specifically stated that she did not have enough support in the Senate for an override.

2018 Session Schedule

Both the House and Senate will not return until Jan. 23, 2018, when they will return for the beginning of spring session. The 2018 legislative calendars for each chamber were released this week. You can view the House schedule here and the Senate schedule here.


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