Ill. GA: Telecommunications Modernization

Business groups testified in House and Senate committees in favor of a proposal enabling the implementation of small cell “networks” in Illinois by telecommunication companies. With mobile data traffic expected to double annually, small cell base stations are set to play an important role in expanding the capacity of retailers to meet the technological demands of the consumer for highly customized, on-demand services. At a time when consumers are relying on smartphones and tablets more than ever for their shopping needs small cells address coverage, capacity, and reliability concerns to ultimately enable a superior experience both consumers and retailers and the use of cutting edge, data intensive technologies not only in retail but all business sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. To meet these demands, SB 1451 (Sen. Terry Link, D-Gurnee/Rep. Kelly Burke, D-Oak Lawn) updates the regulatory framework to enable the latest technology networks, like 5G, that depend on deploying a large volume of small cells.

SB 1451 passed both the House and the Senate and now will be sent to the Governor for his signature.

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