Chamber 401(k) Retirement Plan

The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer our membership a 401(k) retirement program. The retirement exchange is a pooled plan that can help you reduce cost and possibly even reduced fiduciary liability while easing the administrative burden typically placed on your business.

 How the 401(k) Plan WorksLearn about the Retirement Plan Exchange

Our retirement plan offers employers a wide range of retirement management services including administrative offload, simplified payroll contribution processing, loan and distribution support, time savings, fiduciary risk management and more. The Chamber's 401(k) program address the areas that matter most to employers seeking to offer a retirement plan:

  • Easy to Administer: With the Exchange by your side, 90% of the administrative tasks are done for you.
  • Fiduciary Protection: The Exchange is responsible and accountable for administrative and investment oversight.
  • Staying Compliant: Consistently remain in compliance with Department of Labor (DOL) and IRS regulations.
  • Cost-Effective: By aggregating assets with other businesses, employers reduce costs to administer the plan.
    Get Compliant with the Illinois Secure Choice Act: We can help you avoid fees from non-compliance.
  • Avoid Restatement Fees: For defined contribution plans, all restatements must occur between August 1, 2020, and July 31, 2022. Missing this deadline will force plans out of compliance and may result in IRS penalties.
  • Get Small Business Tax Credit: There is an increased credit that is intended to help offset the costs of establishing a retirement plan.
  • Reduce 401(k) Audit Fees: Are you paying for a 401k audit today? We can reduce audit fees by $5,000.

Delivering access to all the benefits of a robust retirement package, the Chamber Retirement Plan is offered at an affordable rate that small businesses can afford.

The Chamber has partnered with both Northwestern Mutual and Transamerica in order to offer you with an alternative 401(k) retirement program option. We invite you to explore the benefits of the retirement program and how it may offer a solution to serve you and your unique needs.

To learn more, download any of the following additional resources about our Retirement Plan.

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