Workforce Development

The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce is a community leader in workforce development issues in the Aurora region. We work with members and community organizations to engage in short and long term solutions to workforce issues in our community. Our major programs are Pathways to Prosperity and Advance Aurora Foundation, which both focus on long term solutions of workforce issues. 

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Pathways to Prosperity
Pathways to Prosperity is an ongoing initiative of the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce and educational partners in the Aurora region. The goal of Pathways is to prepare High School age students for secondary education or career paths in Healthcare, Manufacturing, and IT industries. These industries are growing in our region and need a prepared workforce in the future.

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Advance Aurora Foundation
Advance Aurora Foundation advances long term workforce solutions, including advocacy and industry collaboratives. Advance Aurora uses the talent pipeline management strategy to understand labor market needs and work with employers to develop solutions to ensure a strong workforce for employers into the future. Advance Aurora is an employer-led initiative/foundation to enhance college and career readiness, develop a stronger workforce, and build healthier communities throughout the greater Aurora region.

Short-term Solutions
The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce works with members and local employers on short-term workforce issues in the Aurora Region. Some of these include our job board, connections with workforce development membership, and connecting employers with workforce development agencies.

Long-term Solutions
The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce is highly focused on long term solutions to the real issues of workforce issues in the Aurora Region. We work with many partners to help move these efforts along. These efforts include apprenticeship programs, workforce pipeline development, upskilling workers, and educating future workers. We seek business partners in this effort to invest long-term in solutions to workforce development in our community.